Ski Trip-Boyne Mountain

January 20, 2007


Recently, a trip was organized to the Boyne Moutain Ski Resort for some R&R.  Several posts participated during the weekend excersion.  MHPDE Explorers skied, went out on snowmobile trips and had fun at the indoor water park.  Everyone stayed at small condos complete with a fireplace and television.   A viewing of the classic movie “Airplane” proved to be quite an entertaining on the first night there. 

ski-group-1.jpgThe advisors drove post members up to the resort, on a several hour trip, while hitting a blizzard on the way up.  On the way home, the explorers stopped at the “Call of the Wild” Museum, a museum in which animals were stuffed and placed in natural wildlife tree & plant surrondings for display.

The explorer post would like to thank Chris Frank of Great Lakes Executive Transportation for giving the post a deep discount on a travel van.



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