State Competition 2007

April 20, 2007

States 2007 Team B
(Team B: Exps Chris Woodward, Lauren Fowler, Team Capt. Mike O’Meara, Sije Moreno & Mike Perez after receiving the awards)

The explorer post competed in the annual MYLEAC State Competition held at the Combat Readiness Training Center in Alpena, MI.   The MHPDE received a 1st Place in Advanced Crash Investigation and a 3rd Place in Domestic Violence Response.  Explorers competed in these two areas as well as Burglary Response, Crime Scene Investigation and Felony Stops.  There were over 20 police departments who competed in the weekend competition.

The trip started off with driving up to Alpena and stopping for dinner at A&W in Standish.  Friday night, explorers were assigned barracks and did last minute preparations for the competition.  On Saturday, the explorers were early to rise and competed throughout the day.  That evening everyone went to AppleBee’s for dinner and then went to the local theatre in Alepena.  Sunday morning everyone shined up for Closing Ceremony in which the post took awards.  After the excitment of placing in state competition, the long car ride home began.

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