New Medical First Responder Team

July 29, 2007

First Responder Team 2

The post has recently added an event Medical First Responder Team.  Explorers (L to R) Mike Fowler, Chris Woodward, Mike O’Meara, Lauren Fowler, Mike Ochs and Adam Mazur-Baker completed the advanced training to be placed on the team.  The First Responder Team was trained in CPR, AED and Cardiac, Stroke, and Diabetic Emergencies.  In addition they were trained in traumatic injuries from the minor cut of a finger to stabalizing a major fracture such as in the neck or back.  Lauren Fowler has been chosen by her teammates as the First Responder Coordinator.


Clawson Fireworks 2007

July 20, 2007

Clawson 2007 Picture 1

The explorers assisted the Clawson Police Department during the 4th of July parade and fireworks event held in Clawson.  Explorers conducted traffic control for the neighboring department.  The day started with blocking off roadways for the Clawson Parade.  As the day progressed explorers kept an eye on the parking lot.  In the evening, explorers executed the traffic plan as set up by the Clawson PD.  A special thank you goes to Clawson Lt. McKernon for all of his help.

      Clawson 2007 Picture 2