Incident Command Training

September 24, 2007

On September 23rd, members of the explorer post learned about the Incident Command System as outlined by FEMA and the Homeland Security Department.  The training was at first classroom based, wherein all the framework was taught with examples. 


Next, the explorers conducted an exercise in which they followed an simulated “Incident Action Plan,” which involved Emergency Medical techniques and other physical exercises. 

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Recent Training Sept 2007

September 11, 2007

train-1.jpgRecently, post members participated in training that involved traffic stops including vehicle tactics, booking procedures, and crimes in progress. Scenarios ranged from a simple traffic stop and arrest to a suspcious person and finally a Man with a gun call.

This was the first group to do these three scenarios.  Incident reports were written and each explorer will testify to his or her actions during an upcoming mock trial.

Training 2


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Disaster Drill

September 2, 2007

Disaster Drill GroupExplorers (L to R) Mike Ochs, Sije Moreno, Allison Maguire, Mike Perez, Chris Woodward, Dave Koehler, Adam Mazur-Baker and Ryen Coss participated in a mock disaster for Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. 

The explorers were marked up with moulage make-up and played different patient roles including from burns and fractures to an abdominal evisceration.  Explorers were staged about a quarter mile from the hospital and were marked up for the exercise.  Ambulances from Superior Ambulance transported the “patients” to the Henry Ford ER. 

Disaster Drill Code Room
(Sije Moreno getting on the stretcher in the Code Room)

The explorers were able to see first hand the amount of work it takes from a medical standpoint to treat many patients at once.  The explorers were taken to various locations in the hospital including the trauma code room, radiology and surgery. 
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Hiring Process Training

September 2, 2007

Some members of the post participated in a Mock Hiring Process Training.  This process gave them insight and skills into the actual hiring for a police officer position.  After a written application is submitted the next step of the hiring process is a written examination. 

Hiring Process 2007

The  hiring training process consisted of a written examination in which the “applicant” had to pass with a 70 percent or better.  After the written examination, the “applicant” then participated in a full Oral Review Board. 

This interview is the stage in the hiring process in which candidates are asked to introduce themselves and their backgrounds, answer questions in regard to their philosophy on job related issues and finally face situation questions in which they answer what they would do in a given set of circumstances.

After each “applicant” completed both items, their scores were compiled and they were ranked on a list.  Each explorer who completed the training gained valuable knowledge and experience and better prepared them for a police officer hiring process.