Pre-Halloween Patrol 2007

October 31, 2007

The explorers set out on the annual Pre-Halloween patrol on October 30th.  Explorers were partnered up with the Madison Heights Police Reserve Officers to keep an extra eye on the neighborhoods, schools and businesses of Madison Heights.  There were a total of 16 explorers who volunteered that evening. 


New Board Elected

October 23, 2007

2007-08 Elected Board 
(Chris Woodward, Adam Mazur-Baker,  Mike Ochs,  Lauren Fowler,  Mike Perez)

On October 1, 2007, the newly elected board took the leadership role in the post.  New President Mike Ochs was formerly the VP of Administration and QuarterMaster; the new VP of Administration is Chris Woodward, who served as the Training Officer, QuarterMaster and Trustee; Mike Perez was re-elected as the VP of Activities;  Secretary Lauren Fowler was re-elected; and Adam Mazur-Baker was retained for a third term as Treasurer. 

New Members Accepted & Attend MHPDE Academy

October 20, 2007

academy-orientation-1.jpgNew Members 2007

Recently, the post accepted new members in the 2007 Recruitment for the MHPDE.   The new members submitted application, passed a background check and completed an interview process before they were selected as members into the post.

On October 20th, the new members attended the MHPDE Police Explorer Orientation Academy.  The new explorers learned about the rules/regs of the post and various state criminal laws.  In addition, the new members received training in Traffic Direction, radio codes, Drill & Ceremony Marching, Handcuffing/suspect searching, Domestic Violence Response and Burglary Response.  The Orientation Academy proved to be a great introduction to the rest of the training the members will receive.

Welcome aboard Aaron, Jason, Alex, Amanda, Ethan, Angie, Thomas, Duncan and Brian!

(New Explorers receiving traffic direction
training from Advisor/Instructor Scott Bennis)