Investigation/Case Prep & Presentation, Trials 2007

November 16, 2007

ab-5.jpgThree teams participated in this year’s Case Investigation, Preparation and Presentation Training.  It started with each team going through a scenario in which they responded to, investigated, completed reports, prepared a case for court and finally worked with the “Prosecuting Attorney” to present to a jury. 

This year’s teams prepared a Drunk Driving Case, an Assault & Battery case and then a Resist/Obstructing case.   Once all of the necessary investigation and paperwork was complete, the cases were prepared for trials. 

AB 3Associate Advisor Dennis Whittie and volunteer, Audrey Huskins, from Monroe, Zac P.C. in Troy, Michigan, voluneered to play the roles of the attorneys.  Associate Advisor Scott Bennis, played the suspect in all three cases. Associate Advisor Briann Bierkamp played the role of judge.  Many persons volunteered as jurors for the three cases including several explorers, Associate Advisors Katie Brown, Shirley Siak and Melissa Ochs.  Sgt. Worton played the role of Court Officer during the proceedings.

This year’s cases saw two convictions and one acquittal.  The last case was actually turned Read the rest of this entry »


DMC Disaster Drill

November 8, 2007

DMC Drill 1In November, post members and advisors participated in the joint venture between the Detroit Medical Center and the Madison Heights Fire Department’s Disaster Rediness Drill. 

Post members played patients that were transported from the Madison Heights Fire Department to the DMC ER at 13 Mile & Stephenson Hwy and were treated and triaged during the drill. 

Conditions varied from a patient who stepped on a nail to patients that were unconscious and barely breathing. 

Afterward, the DMC, fed lunch to all the volunteers.

DMC Disaster 3

Longtime Explorer “Retires”

November 1, 2007

Fowler Farewell 

Explorer Michael Fowler is aging out of the post at 21.  Mike joined the post in 2002 and quickly began moving up the ranks.  He served on the Leadership Board as a Trustee, Secretary and finally as the President.  Mike served the post’s highest office of  president for two terms. Amongst his accomplishments were overseeing the update of the Bylaws and a major re-write of the policies and procedures of the post. 

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