Tactics Academy

February 28, 2008

Recently post members spent 8 hours on a tactic-10.jpgcold winter day and trained in various tactical scenarios during an Academy Style Training.  Topics included weapons tactics, self defense, tracking and fugitive apprehension.  In addition to the tatics training as with any Academy Style Training there was plenty of PT! 





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Search/Rescue Training @ Boyne Mountain

February 1, 2008


During a weekend in January the explorer post traveled to Boyne Moutain, in Boyne, MI to train in Search & Rescue.  The entire post Medical First Responder Team was present along with other explorers.  The training scenario involved resucing and providing medical care and rapid transport for an accident that occured in the woods leaving two injured victims.  The victims were played by Explorer Allison Maguire and Associate Advisor Scott Bennis.  The team was required to provide emergency airway maintanence, backboarding, patient interviewing amongst other things. 

The post stayed in two three bedroom condos with excellent accomodations.  Also during the weekend, several explorers rented snowmobiles and went snowmobiling on the trails of Northern Michigan.  On Saturday evening, members attended the indoor waterpark for a great time!  In addition to the training, members had tons of fun and look forward to next year!


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