2008 State Competition Teams Selected

March 31, 2008

Two teams have been selected to represent the MHPDE in State Competition this year. The competion will be held at the Combat Readiness Training Center in Alpena, Michigan on April 11 through the 13th. 

Each year, the Michigan Youth Law Enforcement Advisory Comittee sponsors a competition for posts around the state.  The categories of competition are: Domestic Violence Response, Burglary Response, Crime Scene Investigation, Advanced Accident Investigation and Felony Stops.

(TEAM A: (L to R) Chris Woodward, Sije
Moreno, Mike Ochs (leader), Dave Koehler &
Adam Mazur-Baker)

(TEAM B: (L to R) Tom Ryan, Brian Koehler
Mike Perez (leader), Angie Fitzpatrick &
Duncan Taylor)