Madison Heights Fireworks Event

July 5, 2008

The city of Madison Heights held its annual Fireworks display in late June.  Thousands of patrons attended to watch the display.  To keep everyone safe through crowd and traffic control, the Madison Heights Police Explorers assisted the Madison Heights Police and the Madison Heights Police Reserves.  Other departments that were present were the DPW and the Fire Department.

The explorers started out with doing walk throughs of the park during the live concerts and carnival rides.  In the evening, each explorer was assigned a traffic position in the area to safely and efficently keep the flow of traffic going.


(Mike Perez briefing the first Squad at the
beginning of the event)

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Clawson Fireworks Detail 2008

July 4, 2008

The explorer post assisted the Clawson Police Department during their annual Fireworks celebration.  The explorers assisted with traffic and crowd control.  A special thanks goes out to Lt. McKerrnon of the Clawson Police Department.




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