Pepper Spray Training

September 28, 2008

ps1The explorers recently were trained in the use of pepper spray.  Topics included the effects of pepper spray, contents of pepper spray, proper use of pepper spray, pepper spray in the use of force continuum and decontamination procedures.  The course started with a lecture format.  Once completed, any explorer who wished could “try” the pepper spray and were sprayed with a dose.  Each participating explorer (Duncan Taylor, Sije Moreno, Chris Woodward, Mike Perez, Angie Fitzpatrick & Mike Ochs) learned tons obout the effects and decontamination of pepper spray first hand!


Explorers Mike Ochs & Mike Perez demonstrating
the after effects of the pepper spray even after





Recruitment Meeting & Training Video

September 22, 2008


There will be an Open House Recruitment Meeting on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 29TH AT 7PM AT THE MADISON HEIGHTS PUBLIC LIBRARY.  The library is located on 13 Mile just west of John R in the Madison Heights Municipal Campus (right next door to city hall).  If you are interested in joining, please attend this event as an in depth presentation will be given on during this evening.  Feel free to bring interested friends and/or parents.  If you have any questions, please e-mail,

Our 16-minute recruitment video is below. 

Hope to see you at the Recruitment Meeting on Monday, September 29th!


St. Louise Festival

September 12, 2008

The Madison Heights Police Explorers assisted the St. Louise church with their annual festival.  Post members directed traffic in an out of the parking lots and provided security in the parking lots.  The event ran from Friday through Sunday. 

See more pics by clicking below.

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