Pepper Spray Training

ps1The explorers recently were trained in the use of pepper spray.  Topics included the effects of pepper spray, contents of pepper spray, proper use of pepper spray, pepper spray in the use of force continuum and decontamination procedures.  The course started with a lecture format.  Once completed, any explorer who wished could “try” the pepper spray and were sprayed with a dose.  Each participating explorer (Duncan Taylor, Sije Moreno, Chris Woodward, Mike Perez, Angie Fitzpatrick & Mike Ochs) learned tons obout the effects and decontamination of pepper spray first hand!


Explorers Mike Ochs & Mike Perez demonstrating
the after effects of the pepper spray even after





One Response to Pepper Spray Training

  1. Jacklyn M. Stevens says:

    Wow that looks like it would hurt eally bad!!!

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