Pre-Halloween Patrol

October 31, 2008


On October 30th, the police explorers teamed up with the Madison Heights Police Reserves to patrol the streets and to monitor neighborhoods and businesses.  In addition to using patrol vehicles, there were trucks from the DPW that were utilized due to the heavy manpower that evening. All of the recently accepted new explorers learned radio procedures by using the 2 way radio system.  Each explorer kept a shift log and learned about documenting shift activities.  All in all a pretty quite night was reported.

dn1VP of Activities Sije Moreno briefing the shift for the evening

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New Members Accepted, Orientation Academy

October 10, 2008


The post has accepted several new members into the program.  After attending the Recruitment Meeting/Open House, being interviewed, and passing a background check, they all attended the Orientation Academy.

The Oorientatoin Academy was an introduction to the explorer post and the law enforcement profession.  Topics that were learned about were traffic direction, crowd control, rules of arrest, handcuffing and suspect searching, witness interviewing, drill & ceremony, physical training, post policies, Rules & Regulations and the Bylaws and dispatching procedures.

 orientation2Drill & Ceremony

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New Board Elected

October 1, 2008


On October 1, 2008, the new Board took their offices including:  President Mike Perez, VP of Administration Chris Woodward, VP of Activities Sije Moreno, Secretary Angie Fitzpatrick and Treasurer Duncan Taylor.  They will serve until September 30, 2009.