New Members Accepted, Orientation Academy


The post has accepted several new members into the program.  After attending the Recruitment Meeting/Open House, being interviewed, and passing a background check, they all attended the Orientation Academy.

The Oorientatoin Academy was an introduction to the explorer post and the law enforcement profession.  Topics that were learned about were traffic direction, crowd control, rules of arrest, handcuffing and suspect searching, witness interviewing, drill & ceremony, physical training, post policies, Rules & Regulations and the Bylaws and dispatching procedures.

 orientation2Drill & Ceremony

orientation31Darrin doing traffic direction

orientation4Traffic Direction of multiple vehicles

orientation5Andrienna holding up traffic and watching for ques from partner

orientation6Anthony practicing handcuffing from a kneeling position

orientation8Darrin handcuffing while suspect (Sije) is on the ground

orientation7Ben getting the handcuffs on from a kneeling position

orientation9Sheldon being taught suspect searching by President Mike Perez

orientation10Mike Ochs leading PT

orientation11Duncan Taylor and Chris Woodward holding in a pushup position


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