Explorer Ochs “Retires” from Post

ochs-car-portraitMichael “Gybbs” Ochs has aged out of the explorer post at age 21. 

Mike joined the post in 2003 when he was 16-years-old and rose through the ranks of Trustee, QuarterMaster, Vice-President of Administration for two terms and then was elected President.   Mike attained the skill rank of Sergeant prior to aging out. 

He attended the National Conference/Competition in 2004 (Atlanta, GA), 2006 (Flagstaff, AZ) and 2008 (Ft. Collins, CO).  Through his attendance at the States Competition of 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008, Mike earned  trophies in Domestic Violence Response and Crime Scene Investigation.  During several of these competitions, he acted as the Team Leader.


Mike's First Year in the Post at 16-years-old.

Many of the awards he won include the “Explorer of the Year”, Drug Abuse Prevention, Community Service, Law Enforcement Service, Crime Prevention, and Perfect Attendance.  He was elected as the “most likely to be a chief of police” by his fellow explorers and earned a Leadership Award from the post advisors.  Mike attended two Search and Rescue Trainings at Boyne Mountain and competed in statewide explorer post paintball tournaments. 

Mike’s favorite part of the post was the tactical trainings, active shooter and Incident Command scenarios, 4th of July events and the competitions.  Mike represented the post, the police department and the city of Madison Heights well.  Over his five year career with the post he has donated over 500 combined hours of dispatch, community service and training. In addition, he served on the Post’s Medical First Responder Team.

He has almost completed his Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice through Oakland Community College and plans to put himself through the police academy in the near future. 

Mike’s long term goal is to earn a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice while working in a local police department.  

He has agreed to continue to volunteer with the program and stay on with the post as an Associate Advisor/Instructor.  (Many more pictures with the below link)

ochsait(Mike Ochs and Mike Perez training in
Advanced Crash Investigation) 

ochsnationalteam(Mike with his Nationals Team in 2006)


firstresponderteam(Mike in his
Medical First
Responder Uniform)

ochsmemorialday2008(Mike working an event)


ochsleadershipaward(Mike with Associate Advisor Dennis Whittie & Sgt. Worton,
receiving his Leadership Award)

perezochsofcsafety(Mike Perez helping Mike Ochs out
during Officer Down Training–
No one said Mike Ochs was at all heavy!)

Mike with his State Competition Team in 2008
(Mike Ochs with his States 2008 Team, displaying awards won)
(Mike attempting to pet a sting ray at the Denver Aquarium,
during the 2008 National Conference.  The sting ray was
“toying” with Mike.  Every time Mike went to pet him
he quickly swam away, kicking up water! 
Then the string ray would come back to entice him again! 
The question still remains, who was smarter?)
(Mike on the shoulders of Chris Woodward and Sije Moreno
after National Competition Closing Ceremony)
(Mike getting “sworn in” by Sgt. Worton
during the Courtroom Testimony training)
ochsandbrianstlouise(Mike and Brian Keohler on parking lot patrol at an event)

searchrescue(Medical First Responder Team Members: 
Mike Ochs, Mike O’Meara, Lauren Fowler and Adam Mazur-Baker
backboard and stabalize a victim during
the Search & Rescue Training at Boyne Mountain)

ochspepperspray(Mike after Pepper Spray Training.  Did it burn???)


(Mike leading the post during PT)


ochspt1(A little tired from his last
PT training session with the post)


(Moving stop sign during an event to better control traffic)


ochsallpostnationals2008(Mike with the post he lead as President
during the National 2008 Conference)

ochsatmhfireworks(Attendance at one of many events
worked with the police explorers)


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