Advisors are adults ages 21 and older who advise the explorer post concerning post functions and policies.  They advise members on the administration of the post, provide training,  and accompany members to seminars, conferences and competitions.  Each advisor is 21 years of age or older and has qualifications in different areas that the members train in. 

The post’s lead advisor is Sgt. Stephen Worton:  Police Sergeant (MHPD), over 20 years of experience. Command Officer of the year in 2000 & 2006.

The following are associate advisors.  Most are former post members. 

Dennis Whittie: Police Officer, EMT, legal studies
Scott Bennis:  Criminal Justice Major
Briann Bierkamp:  Police/Fire Dispatcher
Mike Ochs: Criminal Justice Major
Matt Arnold: Firefighter, ERT
Jim Helvey: Police Reserve Officer, Range Officer
Mike Fowler: Police Records, Criminal Justice Major

Katie Brown: Paramedic, Psychology
Rachel Connel: Education
Shirley Siak: EMT
Mike Brys: Private Security, Criminal Justice Major
Shawn Dawson:  RN
Kimberly: Wayne State University Police Department, Cadet.

advisorsnationals20081(Advisors in Ft. Collins, CO during the National Conference in 2008)



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