The Madison Heights Police Explorer Post attend many different conferences, competitions and seminars.  Seminars are usually weekend trips concerning one or two law enforcement subjects.  Competitions are set up as follows:

An explorer team (usually 4 explorers) is sent on “calls”.  Each “call” is a different event.  Some examples include Domestic Violence Intervention, Breaking & Entering Response, Crime Scene Investigation, Accident Investigation, Drug Raids and Traffic/Felony stops.  Explorer teams are judged by experienced police officers in each event.  At the end of all events points are totaled and trophies are awarded.  Other competitions include individual competitions such as pistol marksmanship, driving range or physical agility competitions.  Competitions are optional for post members to attend. 

The Madison Heights Police Explorer Post is a very competitive post. We train frequently and often place very well in competitions.  Some competitions we have attended and awards we have won are below:

Some Conferences Competitions and Seminars we have participated in


2007 MLEYAC State Competition, Alpena, MI 

2006 National Law Enforcement Conference, Flagstaff, AZ

2006 MLEYAC State Competition, Alpena, MI

2005 MLEYAC State Competition, Grayling, MI

2004 National Police Explorer Competition, Atlanta, GA

2004 MLEYAC State Competition, Alpena, MI

2003 MLEYAC State Competition, Alpena, MI

2002 National Police Explorer Competition, Flagstaff, AZ

2002 MLEYAC State Competition, Alpena, MI

2001 MLEYAC State Competition, Alpena, MI

2000 National Police Explorer Competition,  Atlanta, GA.
1998 National Law Enforcement Conference, Washington D.C.
1996 National Law Enforcement Conference, Flagstaff, Arizona
Michigan State Explorer Competition
Canton Township Felony Stop Competition
Bay City B&E and Crime Scene Competition
Dearborn/ATF Bomb Threat Response Competition
Lansing Police Dept. Accident Investigation Seminar
Macomb County Sheriff SWAT Seminar
Natural Disaster Response Seminar
Thomas Baldus Shooting Match
Michigan State Shooting Match




Placing 1st in Accident Investigation & 3rd in Domestic Violence Response competition, 2007 State Competition 

Placing 2nd in the Crime Scene Investigation competition, 2006 State Competition

Placing 1st in the Domestic Violence competition, 2005 State Competition

Placing 3rd in Accident Investigation competition, National Competition, 2004

Placing 1st in the 2004 Thomas Baldus Pistol Match, Lansing, MI

Placing 1st in the Traffic Stop Competition, National Competition, 2000
Placing 2nd and 5th overall in the 2001 MYLEAC State Competition
Placing 2nd in Domestics, 2001 State Competition
Placing 2nd in Crime Scene Investigation, 2001 State Competition
Placing 4th in Shoot/Don’t Shoot, National Competition, 2000
Tying for 1st Place in Traffic Stop National Competition, 1998
Placing 6th in the Drug Raid Competition, National Competition, 1998
Placing 1st in the Felony Stop Competition, Canton Twp Police Dept.
Placing 1st in  Breaking & Entering, Bay City Police Dept Comp.

Placing 1st in Crime Scene Investigation, Bay City Police Dept Comp..
Placing 4th in Bomb Threat,  ATF, Dearborn, MI
Many rankings in the pistol shoot competitions




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