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The Madison Heights Police Explorer Post General Membership elect five leaders every charter year.  They are the President, Vice-President of Administration, Vice-President of Activities, Secretary & Treasurer–this is the post’s Chain of Command.  Once the elected Board has their first Board Meeting, they appoint a Training Officer, Historian, Quarter Master and up to five Trustees.  The appointed Board Members must attend Board Meetings and provide input, but have no vote.  Below is a brief job description of the positions.



PRESIDENT:  The President oversees the daily operations of the post.  He/she runs the General Membership and Board Meetings and sees that all Board Members are doing their jobs adequately.  In addition, she/he is the official representative of the post when making presentations or communications outside of the post.  He/she remains in close contact with advisors and enforce the policies and bylaws of the post.  In addition, the President makes command decisions for the post when no time permits a Board Discussion or Vote to be taken.

VICE-PRESIDENT OF ADMINISTRATION:  The Vice-President of Administration’s duties include the record keeping of the post, such as hours, awards and assuring that explorers fulfill their minimum time requirements. He/she acts as the President in his/her absence and is the second in the Post’s Chain of Command.

VICE-PRESIDENT OF ACTIVITIES:  The Vice-President of Activities’ main duty is planning for and acting as commander at special events such as security and parking details.  Even though she/he is third in the overall Chain of Command, the Chain of Command deviates to place him first in command at Special Events.

SECRETARY:  The Secretary’s duties include keeping minutes of the Board and General Membership Meetings, preparing and sending outgoing correspondence from the post, keeping records of post statistics and turning in Quarterly and Yearly Reports concerning post functions to the lead advisor, the Auxiliary Services Coordinator, who in turn submits it to the Chief of Police for review.

TREASURER:  The Treasurer’s duties include keeping records of post finances, collecting donations from various funding sources and making proposals for the spending of post funds.  She/he is fifth in the Chain of Command.


TRAINING OFFICER:  The Training Officer’s duties include making sure training dates are set, making sure explorer members attend training and making sure that all explorers are adequately trained in various law enforcement subjects before competitions.  He/she also makes proposals such as places to train and equipment that will be needed.

HISTORIAN:  The Historian keeps records related to the post’s history.  He/she does this by taking pictures of post events and organizing them into post photo books.

QUARTERMASTER:  The main function of the Quarter Master’s job is to keep records of post equipment.  This includes training equipment (Redman guns, handcuffs etc.) and parking detail equipment (traffic cones, road blocks, flashlights, orange vests etc.).

TRUSTEE:  A trustee is a person appointed to the Board to help all other Board members and General Members with their responsibilities.  The job of trustee varies, depending on the assistance that he/she is lending.


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