Lauren Fowler
Badge 101
Nickname: “Ruby”
Member since 2005
Former Trustee
Hometown: Royal Oak, MI Explorer Lauren Fowler

Adam Mazur-Baker
Badge 106
Member since 2003
Rank: Captain
Current Treasurer, Former Trustee
Hometown: Warren, MI
Port Mazur-Baker


Mike Ochs
Badge 135
Nickname: Gybbs!
Member since 2003
Rank: Sergeant
Current President
Former VP of Administration, QuarterMaster, Trustee
Explorer of the Year for 2006
Hometown: Madison Heights, MIExplorer Mike Ochs


Peter Page
Badge 149
Member since 2006
Hometown: Warren, MI
Explorer Peter Page


Mike Perez
Badge 217
Nickname: Smokey
Member since 2005
Rank: Sergeant 
Current V.P. of Activities, Former Trustee
Hometown: Eastpointe, MI
Explorer Mike Perez

Chris Photides

Badge 100
Member since 2005
Hometown: Royal Oak, MI
Former Trustee
Explorer Chris Photides


Chris Woodward
Badge 211
Member since 2005
Rank: Sergeant
Current V.P. of Administration
Former Training Officer, QuarterMaster, Trustee
Hometown: Madison Heights, MI
Explorer Chris Woodward

Explorers without Pictures, but coming soon……

Mike O’Meara
Andrew Warner
Allison Maguire
Sije Moreno
Dave Koehler
Brian Koehler
Angie Fitzpatrick
Duncan Taylor
Tom Ryan



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