Formal UniformTraining Uniform

Formal Uniforms














The formal uniform is worn to post meetings, special events (traffic, security details), ride-alongs, ceremonies and to competition. Included in the formal uniform are the standard uniform pants and shirt, basket weave leather belt, whistle & chain, tie and tie tack or black uniform turtle neck, badge, name tag, and patches.  This uniform is mandatory after completing 90 days in the post.

                           Training Uniform

 Training Uniform

The Training Uniform  (above) consists of BDU pants, a Post T-shirt or Post Polo Shirt, duty belt including Redman guns, handcuff case with cuffs, flashlight holder, first aid rubber glove case w/ gloves and black boots.This uniform is primarily used during training. This uniform is optional. The Polo Shirt is also worn while at National and State Competitions during non-competition hours and when attending certain seminars & conferences. 




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